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Donate to Chabad Center in Prague and the Czech Republic

Chabad of Prague is not funded by the Chabad headquarters in New York.

We, as every Chabad center, are responsible for all funds of our operating budget. We are supported exclusively by the generous contributions of individuals and foundations that care about our community.

Your support helps us continue our vital work, reaching thousands of Jews. All funds raised by Chabad of Prague remain in Prague and go directly into programs and services for the Jews living in and visiting Prague.

Donate by Mail

Checks can be made payable to Chabad Prague and sent to:

Chabad Prague
c/o Barash
734 Montgomery street
Brooklyn, NY 11213

Donate by bank transfer

Our bank information is:

Bank name: Ceska Sporitelna
Vaclavske nam 56.
Praha 1 110 00
Czech Republic

Account name: Nadace Chabad Lubavitch

EURO Account #: 0000 594152 Bank code: 0800
IBAN: CZ11 0800 0000 0000 0059 4152

USD Account#: 994404-341654002 Bank code: 0800
IBAN: CZ61 0800 9944 0403 4165 4002

CZK Account #: 994404-741654001 Bank code: 0800
IBAN: CZ70 0800 9944 0407 4165 4001


Using a credit card

You can donate securely by credit card, please fill in your details here and immediately transfer to payment:

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